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WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW – February 22, 2010 – Allowing service providers of all types to work with technologies and pricing structures that more closely align with their day-to-day business, open networking and network virtualization provider Vyatta (www.vyatta.com) has launched the Vyatta Service Provider Partner Licensing program.

The VSPL program features a monthly subscription-based model that lets ISPs, MSPs, hosting businesses and cloud providers integrate Vyatta router, firewall and VPN software and services into customer-facing solutions. As a software-based routing and security solution, Vyatta removes the dependence companies have on proprietary hardware, and offers a solution that integrates smoothly into standard x86 hardware as well as common virtualization platforms.

"Today's service-based businesses require solutions that are flexible enough to work with changing technology and business requirements," Vyatta marketing director Tom McCafferty said in a statement. "The Vyatta Service Provider Licensing program is a perfect example of the flexibility of Vyatta's software-based networking solutions. With this program, the same Vyatta software that runs BGP edge routing and VPN concentrators for many service providers can now be used by service providers to connect and protect their customers for a low monthly fee."

The VSPL program provides participating companies a usage-based revenue model, simple monthly payment terms, on-demand deployment of routing and security solutions, and access to full Vyatta subscription software, services and support, as well as a unique network services delivery platform.

Vyatta delivers a complete set of routing and security features to help service providers connect and protect their customers in the datacenter, cloud or on-premise. The VSPL program is designed to leverage Vyatta's flexibility to let service providers create customized routing and security solutions for their customers on-demand. 

By integrating Vyatta into their solutions, service providers can offer colocation routing, security, data center firewall and VPN, on a per customer basis. It also provides high-density virtual firewalling, customer premise to cloud secure connectivity, and custom appliances for hosting and collocation customers.

nScaled's (www.nscaled.com) Kent Langley said that the VSPL program will help his company provide the flexibility of virtualization and the ability to deliver services on-demand in its cloud services. "The Vyatta VSPL program promises to help us achieve our goals of doing this easily and cost effectively," he said. "We endeavor to build a dynamic, virtualized, and globally distributed infrastructure and Vyatta's network virtualization software is a key component in connecting and securing our clients."