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Life Sciences
All Current Investments
Developing therapeutics for celiac disease
Axiom is spearheading a new era of outsourced legal services services for Fortune 1000 clients
Development-stage biophamaceutical company targeting Huntington's Disease and other hyperkinetic movement disorders
Leading provider of mobile wireless broadband infrastructure and solutions
BTR is the market leader in the online private sale category in Canada
Intracardiac device for the treatment of congestive heart failure
Best in class digital media ad solutions for the independent web
Provider of enterprise class security solutions for mobile devices
Drug development, focused on Orphan indications in gastroenterology and hepatology
Drug development, focused on bio-better versions of approved biologic drugs
NinthDecimal (formerly JiWire) is the leading mobile audience intelligence company enabling brands to engage with the right audience, at the right time
Advanced circuit board interconnectors and interposers enabling thin profiles in mobile devices
Specialty pharmaceutical company, focused on pediatric neurology
Intra-ocular lens for the treatment of presbyopia
Drug discovery and development, focused on anti-viral indications
Leading membership etailer offering personalized styles in women's shoes and accessories
Provides a cloud based solution that intercepts and redirects requests for video from mobile devices and delivers optimized video streams in real time
A leading independent enterprise social media management platform company allowing large multi-national companies to easily manage their online presence
The world's largest interest graph offering publishers and advertisers insights on 1.4B web users
Biometric authentication devices for mobile devices and personal computers
On-demand software routing and security solutions for virtualized environments and cloud infrastructure
World Golf Tour is the most realistic and immersive golf game on the web
Zoove is the exclusive registry of ** prefix vanity phone numbers and the easiest way to deploy direct response marketing to mobile phones